A Texas Nightmare

For Texas and Colt McCoy, 2008 just wasn’t their year.

Tonight, Sam Bradford, QB (Oklahoma) was awarded the Heisman Trophy over the two other finalists, Tim Tebow, QB (Florida) and Colt McCoy, QB (Texas). The voting showed Bradford (1,726) followed by Colt McCoy (1,604) and then Tim Tebow (1,575).

I make Colt McCoy cry in his sleep.

"I make Colt McCoy cry in his sleep."

But back to the story at hand.

2008 has turned into a year for Longhorn fans to bury in the back of their minds like some sort of horrific nightmare. Just like those nightmares, though, the memories of this season will never be forgotten by those Texas fans who have lived through it.

The season started like recent seasons for Texas, with a Top 10 preseason ranking. The Longhorns then went on to win eight straight games to begin the season, including a victory in Dallas over then #1 Oklahoma, launching Texas into the #1 ranking. It wouldn’t last long, however, when Texas was upset by Texas Tech in Lubbock on a last second catch by the unbelievable Michael Crabtree. Here is where the downward spiral of 2008 begins for the Texas Longhorns.

Michael Crabtree at his finest.

"Hey, I make Colt McCoy and Texas cry in their sleep, too."

After the last second loss to Texas Tech, the Longhorns won out, but were left out of the Big 12 title game because of a new tie-breaker rule, which takes the team with the highest BCS ranking (ahem, enter Oklahoma into the nightmare). So, Texas watched the title game they should have been playing, having beaten Oklahoma earlier in the season. They watched as the Sooners walked all over Mizzou, and strolled into the BCS National Championship game.

Now, since the gods decided this wasn’t enough to crush the Texas fans’ souls, tonight happened. Colt McCoy carried Texas on his shoulders to the tune of over 4,000 total yards, 42 total TD, and an NCAA record 77.6 completion percentage. He had 11 less total TD than Bradford, but did it with a supporting cast less than half as good as Bradford’s. But when the votes were tallied tonight, Bradford stood on top, while McCoy was left to mourn in the shadows.

And so, the nightmare that is the Texas Longhorn’s season continues.  Stay tuned for the Fiesta Bowl update, in which I’m fairly certain Texas will be screwed out of the game involving a botched call by the refs, which will lead to Mack Brown snapping, and possibly murdering someone involved with the BCS.

On a side note, congratulations to Sam Bradford.  This post was not meant to take anything away from him.  He has enjoyed an unbelievable season, and I commend him for it.


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