Fulmer Rejects Offer to Become Even Richer

Rather than becoming the recipient of one of college football’s largest buyouts in history ($6 million) and also continuing to receive salary from the University of Tennessee, Phillip Fulmer declined the $37,5oo contract that would have made him an assistant to UT President John Peterson through February 2009.

Photo Courtesy of GoVolsXtra

Photo Courtesy of GoVolsXtra

The fact that the university even offered him this position in the first place is ridiculous. Our school is currently under a campus wide hiring-freeze. Students like myself are having trouble graduating because upper-level classes are getting scratched to help cut costs. Even our library no longer stays open 24 hours (very inconvenient for those of us who procrastinate). And with all this occuring, Phil Fulmer deserves a job so that he won’t lose retirement and insurance benefits? Um, no.

Yes, I understand that Fulmer’s salary for those three months was coming from donors, and wasn’t being taken out of the same pool of money that is costing teachers their jobs and students their classes and their library, but the image it would have portrayed would have been unacceptable.

So, Phillip Fulmer did what he told us he would do when he resigned as head coach: what’s best for the university. That’s why Fulmer rejected this offer, and will instead stay on as an “alumni volunteer.” I commend him for his understanding of what is best for the school, and acting accordingly.

Not only that, but does the $6 million dollar man really need to worry about three months worth of insurance and retirement benefits? The man’s going to be making $125,000 a month for the next four years, whether he’s coaching somwhere else, helping us maintain relationships with key donors, or just sitting on the couch growing his belly. I think he can handle his own insurance. Invest that money, and your retirement is covered as well. The crisis has been averted.

Today Coach Fulmer (he will always be Coach Fulmer to me, regardless of what he does or where he goes) showed why he became such a beloved and iconic figure of the University of Tennessee. The man loves this university, and I give the George Foreman guarantee that he will always bleed orange.


~ by drewbd on 12.13.2008.

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