Officially A Family Affair

My wishes have been granted following the rant that was my previous post.

And oh my, have they been granted in a huge way.

Numerous media sources are now confirming one of the major Vol rumors floating around the internet today. Monte Kiffin will be taking over as defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Like son, Like father.  Or something to that affect.

Like son, Like father. Or something to that affect.

I don’t think most Tennessee fans realize the magnitude of bringing Monte Kiffin to Knoxville. Monte Kiffin is a defensive guru, helping to orchestrate the nasty Tampa defenses we’ve seen over the past decade. The man is the mastermind behind the Tampa 2, a scheme he will soon be bringing to Knoxville. It’s a scheme focused on speed over size and strength, preventing scores over preventing yardage, and having multiple defenses from one look (so the offense can’t adjust based on the alignment of the defensive personnel.)

Having Monte Kiffin on board solidifies our defense for as long as he remains on staff.  It also adds another dimension to recruiting.  Players who want to ready themselves for the NFL can be assured that playing under the elder Kiffin will do so, as he has already proven himself to be among the elite defensive minds in football.  Maybe this news will enable Lane to secure a few more big time commitments on the defensive side of the ball.  If so, it would be a step in the right direction, especially following the news of Herbert’s departure.

Today’s news was a huge first step in establishing a solid coaching staff under Lane Kiffin.  Now, we must wait and see how the rest of the pieces will fit together.  Could Ed Orgeron be the next big name on his way to Knoxville?  Or possibly Turner Gill?

For now, these guys are still just rumors.  But one thing is certain, there will be two Kiffin’s on the UT sideline next season, and that’s enough to help me sleep soundly tonight.


~ by drewbd on 12.15.2008.

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