The Pieces Keep Falling

Someone at UT must be listening to my ranting and raving, because for the second consecutive day after my “Kiffin Needs to Put Staff Together, Pronto” post, Coach Kiffin has added another piece to his staff. Not only that, but he was also quoted as saying, “After this week, it’s time to focus on [assembling] the staff.” Wow, I didn’t realize I had so much pull in the UT community, but it’s becoming obvious I do.

Alright, back to reality.

James Cregg. The newest addition to Tennessees staff.

James Cregg. The most recent addition to Tennessee's staff.

Coach Kiffin has added his second NFL assistant to the staff in as many days, announcing the addition of Oakland Raider’s offensive line coach James Cregg. Cregg worked with Kiffin back in his days with Colorado State, and also worked under Kiffin while he coached at Oakland. No formal announcement has been made on Cregg’s hire, or what position he will coach, but I would assume he’ll be taking over the offensive line duties.

News on Cregg’s hire came by way of the Oakland Raiders and their interim head coach, Tom Cable. Cable doesn’t seem very pleased with Cregg’s decision to join the staff at Tennessee, and was adamant about letting the press know. His biggest concern seems to be Cregg’s decision to leave the Raiders with two games still left to play. Coach Cable was quoted as saying:

Quite frankly, I’m disappointed by all these things, mostly by the fact that someone would quit on this organization, this football team and this head coach at this juncture. It’s wrong.

This is just the latest in an ongoing feud between Kiffin and the Raiders, and it makes one wonder when or if there will ever be closure on the disaster that was Kiffin’s tenure under Al Davis. I’m sure Kiffin’s hiring of Cregg had more to do with his belief that Cregg can be a vital asset to UT’s coaching staff, rather than to stoke the fire that is Al Davis (I’m sure that was just an added bonus in Kiffin’s mind).

I cant get enough of this picture.  I use it whenever I can.

I can't get enough of this picture. I use it whenever possible.

But seriously, there needs to be an end to this Raider’s drama soon. The baggage Kiffin has with Oakland was one of the few drawbacks I saw when he was brought on as head coach, and I’d like for it to end sooner rather than later.


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