Rae Sykes is Coming to Knoxville

Today was not the first time that Rae Sykes signed a letter of intent with the Tennessee Volunteers.  Back in 2007, Sykes signed with the Vols after a long-contested recruiting battle with Florida State.  However, academics stood in the way of Sykes joining the team, and he was forced to attend community college in Kansas to bring up his grades.

Although two years behind schedule, Sykes could provide a boost to an inexperience defensive front.

Sykes becomes a Vol two years after first signing his letter of intent

Two years later, Sykes returns to the Vols with three years of eligibility left, and a drive to prove that he deserves to be on the sideline wearing orange.

The 6-foot-4, 255 pound defensive lineman is not going to receive much fanfare upon signing with Tennessee today, but is nonetheless a huge addition for the Vols, who will be very thin at defensive line after the departure of Walter Fisher and Demonte Bolden (and possibly junior Dan Williams).  Sykes was a much-hyped recuit back in 2007, and can provide an immediate boost to an inexperienced defensive line if he is able to come in and grasp the defense quickly.  This might be asking too much of a recruit who hasn’t played football in two years, but reports indicate that he is 100% healthy and has already begun working out on campus.

Whether or not Sykes produces for us this season, it is nice to finally see him clad in orange.


~ by drewbd on 12.17.2008.

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