Bowl Mania

It’s that time of year again, and the guys over at 3rd Saturday in Blogtober are having a little contest.  It’s a 2008 bowl pick ’em, and I decided to try my hand and see if I can’t win me a t-shirt.  I recommend everyone else join in as well.  What’s there to lose, besides honor, respect and your manhood?

Here’s how my picks ended up breaking down:

  • Wake Forest vs. Navy (Wake Forest 29, Navy 19)
  • Colorado State vs. Fresno State (Colorado St. 40, Fresno St. 35)
  • Memphis vs. South Florida (Memphis 14, South Florida 41)
  • BYU vs. Arizona (BYU 21, Arizona 31)
  • Southern Miss vs. Troy (Southern Miss 30, Troy 27)
  • Boise State vs. TCU (Boise State 16, TCU 17)
  • Hawaii vs. Notre Dame (Hawaii 21, Notre Dame 49)
  • Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan (Florida Atlantic 24, Central Michigan 21)
  • West Virginia vs. North Carolina (West Virginia 31, North Carolina 30)
  • Wisconsin vs. Florida State (Wisconsin 13, Florida State 42)
  • Miami (Fla.) vs. California (Miami 17, California 24)
  • Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech (Northern Illinois 10, La Tech 17)
  • NC State vs. Rutgers (NC State 23, Rutgers 29)
  • Missouri vs. Northwestern (Missouri 30, Northwestern 23)
  • Maryland vs. Nevada (Maryland 42, Nevada 35)
  • Western Michigan vs. Rice (Western Michigan 14, Rice 38)
  • Oklahoma State vs. Oregon (Oklahoma State 31, Oregon 42)
  • Houston vs. Air Force
  • Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh
  • Boston College vs. Vanderbilt
  • Kansas vs. Minnesota
  • LSU vs. Georgia Tech
  • South Carolina vs. Iowa
  • Georgia vs. Michigan State
  • Nebraska vs. Clemson
  • Penn State vs. USC
  • Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech
  • Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
  • Kentucky vs. East Carolina
  • Utah vs. Alabama
  • Buffalo vs. Connecticut
  • Ohio State vs. Texas
  • Ball State vs. Tulsa
  • Florida vs. Oklahoma
  • Tie Breaker: Total Points Scored = 72

Well there you have it, the winning pick ’em in all its glory.  Feel free to post your own picks in the comment section, and try not to be too jealous when I’m sporting a brand new 3sib t-shirt.


~ by drewbd on 12.18.2008.

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