Vols Add Two New Faces

UPDATE (12/22, 11:59 p.m.): Here’s a showcase of Mike Smith’s talent. The man takes bean poles and turns them into the hulk. I can’t imagine what Berry will be like even stronger. He’s going to kill someone.

We’ve got two more to add to the list of fresh new faces that’ll be seen around Knoxville next fall.

Face #1.  Arthur Jeffery, Jr.

Face #1. Arthur Jeffery, Jr.

The first new face, and the more important of the two, is recruit Arthur Jeffrey Jeffery, Jr., who committed to the University of Tennessee yesterday afternoon.  Jeffery is a 6-foot-4 285 pound defensive lineman who adds even more strength to a part of the team that is in need of skill and depth, the defensive front.  Jeffery is only a three-star according to Rivals.com, but was highly recruited by the beasts in Florida (U of F, Miami, and Florida St.) until an injury (torn ACL and MCL) took him off most schoos’ radars.  However, the Vols stuck with him, along with USF, and it paid off.  The biggest factor in bringing Jeffery on board, it seems, was newly hired defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.  Jeffery had been committed to USF, but when news spread about Monte’s hiring Jeffery switched his committment over to Tennessee.

Jeffery seems like a great addition to a Tennessee squad in need of some help on the defensive line.  Quesations remain about whether or not he will ever reach the potential he once had before undergoing surgery to repair his torn ACL and MCL.  But you’ve got to think that the staff must have confidence in his ability to return to top form, as he was a Fulmer recruit that must have impressed the new staff enough to keep him on the board.  And with Monte coming to shore up the defense, there should be no trouble sculpting this young man into an impressive defensive lineman.

Face #2. Mark Smith

Face #2. Mark Smith

The second face we should be seeing more of in Knoxville this fall is South Carolina Gamecock’s Strength and Conditioning coach Mark Smith.  Chris Lowe over at ESPN is reporting that Kiffin is after yet another staff member on Steve Spurrier’s squad.  I don’t know too much about Smith, except that he’s close with Spurrier.  He was with Spurrier down in Gator Country, from ’98 to ’01, in ’03 he was there to watch Spurrier fail miserably in the NFL with the Redskins, and has been at South Carolina for the last four years.  I’m not really sure what he’ll bring to the team, but if Kiffin is sold on him then that’s enough for me.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to piss off the Head Ball Coach every now and then.

If anyone does have any information on him, feel free to comment below.  I’m interested to know something, anything about him.

So there you have it.  Two of the freshest faces in the orange nation.  Welcome aboard, gents.


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