Orgeron Picks LSU

It’s being reported from multiple sources on the internet and in the media that LSU has hired Ed Orgeron to become the Tigers recruiting coordinator and associate head coach.

Rah rah rah.  LSU rah.

Rah rah rah. LSU rah.

This  rumor has been swirling around the internet for a few days now, but it looks to be becoming more fact than fiction.  Orgeron’s decision to join LSU’s staff comes somewhat as a surprise to many Vol fans, since Orgeron spoke freely earlier in the year about his desire to join Kiffin’s staff in Knoxville.  Losing Orgeron is a huge setback for the Vols in the recruiting department, as he is considered to be one of the top recruiters in the country.

The Tigers must have offered Orgeron close to the $600,000 Tennessee was willing to pay the one time head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels, or else the Orgeron family’s desire to stay in Louisiana was enough to merit a significant pay cut.  Look for the former rather than the latter to be true, which would make Orgeron one of the highest paid assistants in all of college football.

More news as it becomes available.


~ by drewbd on 12.31.2008.

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