Garner a No-Go, for Now

The super-staff that Lane Kiffin is assembling took a setback today, as one of the best recruiters in the SEC, Rodney Garner, decided to stay a Georgia Bulldog, thanks to his man-love for Mark Richt.

Garners Model Pose

Garner's Model Pose

Money wasn’t the issue, as Tennessee reportedly offered Garner close to $400,000 annually, which would still have paid Rodney more than Georgia will, raise included.  It seems the biggest hangup was on where Garner would coach, with the Vols preferring he move to offense but Garner wanting to stay on defense.  Eventually, the decision was made to offer Garner the defensive line job and shift Orgeron to linebackers, but Garner still declined, saying the shake-up would negatively affect staff chemistry.

It’s a shame we won’t be seeing Rodney Garner on the sidelines this fall, at least not in orange, but with Lane Kiffin’s persistence, you just never know…


~ by drewbd on 01.06.2009.

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