Orgeron to USC?

UPDATE (1/8, 1:08 p.m.): It looks like Pete Carroll has a different definition for “involved” than I do.  That’s because Carroll announced today that he did indeed talk to Orgeron about USC’s vacant defensive coordinator job.  Work on your vocabulary, coach.

For those of you worried about the rumors that our new recruiting phenom, Ed Orgeron, is already bailing ship to take over as defensive coordinator at Southern Cal… fear not.  Pete Carroll has speered this rumor head on, and says that Orgeron is “not involved” in USC’s process of finding a new DC.

This news adds to the breaking news that Les Miles was still trying to sway Orgeron to LSU on the day before Orgeron was introduced at UT.  It’s been reported that LSU offered a substantially larger sum of money than Tennessee’s $600,000.

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Also, check out the photo gallery the boys over at 3rdsaturdayinblogtober have put together.  Woweewowowow.  I’d trade a Heisman for her any day.


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4 Responses to “Orgeron to USC?”

  1. You can only say no so many times. LSU would be easier to do what Coach O does best – RECRUIT and SoCal would be even easier. I think he would be crazy not to come back to SoCal.

    • I don’t doubt that Orgeron will be somewhere else in two to three years time, with someone willing to offer him a defensive coordinator job to get ahold of his recruiting powers. But I think Orgeron has some integrity, and he knows he’d lose it all if he left a school after being on staff for a few days.

  2. I think Orgeron does have some integrity but that is not going stop him from taking a better job like SC. Lose it all is a little dramatic. He is the best college recruiter in college football. Recruiting for SC is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  3. Schools would line up around the block to hire this guy. So what if he hurts Lane Kiffins feelings

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