Movin’ & Shakin’

Shit’s getting real in the Vol Nation, as the big NSD is in t-minus 4 hours.

I could take time to hash it all out for you, but I’ve been beaten to the punch by just about everybody (that’s what happens when you’re in class all day).

Here’s a rundown on the latest:

  • Like most of us thought, long-time committment David Oku announced today that he is no longer committed to Tennessee.  Not only that, but Oku said he’s had just about enough of the recruiting process, and so has decided to delay his decision past National Signing Day.  Make sense?  Sure does.
  • Now, something a little less confusing: Robert Nelson, who visited Knoxville this past weekend,  pledged his commitment to UT today.  The only problem… he hasn’t formally been offered a scholarship.  So is he a Vol or isn’t he?  Wait, did I say less confusing?  My bad.
  • After saying he was still 100% committed to Florida after his recent visit to UT, Nu’Keese Richardson is now saying the Vols and Gators are neck and neck.  How will he decide his destination?  Word is he’s flipping a coin.
  • Marsalis Teague, who most bloggers and forum connoisseurs had penned “All-Vol,” notified the Knoxville News Sentinel today that he’s not committed to Tennessee.  Teague will announce his recruiting decision tomorrow.  Will it be the Vols, Gators, or Tide?  It’s anybody’s guess.

Now, after all that, do you feel like you learned anything?

Ahh, I love National Signing Day.


~ by drewbd on 02.03.2009.

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