Berry + Jackson + Myles = Lights Out

Add these three together, and you get what could potentially be the hardest hitting secondary in the SEC.  We all know what Eric Berry can do, but check out what new Vols Janzen Jackson and Darren Myles, Jr. bring to the table:

Janzen Jackson:

Darren Myles, Jr.:

And for those of you who have forgotten what Eric Berry can do:

With these three hitting like that, there are going to be some opponents seeing stars.


~ by drewbd on 02.05.2009.

One Response to “Berry + Jackson + Myles = Lights Out”

  1. Hey! This is lawvol from Gate 21. Just discovered your home here on the web. Some good stuff here. I’ll be checking back regularly now (and will try and remember to add you to my blogroll tomorrow).

    Either way, shoot me an email at “lawvol AT gate21 dot net” I have a question for you (couldn’t find an email link or I’d have emailed you myself).

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