UPDATE (2/5, 5:39 p.m.): Coach Kiffin officially apologized this afternoon after being reprimanded by the SEC for his comments made about Urban Meyer earlier today. Unnecessary, in my opinion, but Kiffin still got his point across: I might be the new guy around here, but I’m not going to let you push me around.

Dont mess with Texas Kiffin.

Photo Courtesy of GoVolsXtra

The day after signing former Florida commit Nu’Keese Richardson, Coach Lane Kiffin had something to say about Florida coach Urban Meyer at the post-Signing Day celebration in Knoxville this morning.

According to Kiffin, Coach Meyer was contacting Richarson during his official visit to Tennessee last weekend.  This, Kiffin said, was a recruiting violation, and one for which he would be turning Coach Meyer in for later today.

The video can be seen here.

In the time since Kiffin’s comment, local Knoxville station WVLT is reporting that the NCAA has informed them that it is not a recruiting violation to contact a recruit during their official visit to another school.  So it looks like Meyer won’t be receiving any reprimand for his actions, but I think the fact that he lost a top wide receiver prospect to a huge SEC rival is enough punishment for me.

Yea, it would have been nice for the NCAA to have considered this a violation, but I think don’t think Kiffin ever thought that Meyer was going to get in trouble.  Instead, Kiffin is trying to send a message and let the SEC know that he means business, while at the same time he’s attempting to get the Vol Nation back into Tennessee football.

And I think it’s working.

I know when I saw the news that Kiffin had called Urban Meyer, I was pumped.  It shows me that Coach Kiffin isn’t going to back down from anyone or anything, including the top coach in the SEC.

Now this is what I like to see in a head coach…



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