post-National Signing Day

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about what Coach Kiffin did yesterday.

We lost some players I wish we wouldn’t have lost, especially Marlon Brown, Je’Ron Stokes and Aubrey Phillips, but the surprise signings of Darren Myles, Jr., Nu’Keese Richardson, and Janzen Jackson definitely balanced things out.

To end up with a class consisting of one 5-star, eight 4-stars, and ten 3-stars with only 3 full weeks of having a full coaching staff shows me that the sky is the limit concerning next years class, and that’s exactly what Coach Kiffin thinks, too.

The 2010 class is already starting off strong, with the top prospect in the state of Tennessee, Jacques Smith already committing to the Volunteers.  We might have lost Marlon Brown, but it looks like Kiffin might just be putting that fence up around the state of Tennessee.

But back to the present.

Here’s how the sports’ genius ranked Tennessee’s signing class:

And here are some of the things the coaching staff had to say about our class:

  • Lane Kiffin on this year’s class:

Understand, this class is far below the standards that we have here.  From the time frame that we had, we’re excited.

  • Kiffin again on taking unworthy prospects:

Last thing we wanted to do was take some guys, lower our standards and take guys that eventually get beat out a year from now when we get a full class of great players that we’ll have for the future.  Let’s not take guys just to make the class look better. Let’s not take guys just to get a better ranking.  We didn’t do that.

  • Ed Orgeron on  offering scholarships to less-talented players:

If you take a chance on a young man and he can’t play, you have him for five years.  I would rather not take a chance and get a guy that can play.

  • Orgeron on Tennessee signing two Florida prospects:

In order to beat the national champ on the field, you have to beat the national champ in recruiting.  We beat them twice.

  • Kiffin on the same subject:

We’re just getting started. This is just a little bit of a taste… There’s already been a message sent and I think there are going to be bigger ones sent soon.


~ by drewbd on 02.05.2009.

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