Charles, Oku, and Brown Notes

Could Orson Charles be in orange and white soon?

Could Orson Charles be in orange and white soon?

Orson Charles, the big wide receiver from Florida made his last official visit last weekend to USC and now its waiting time for Vols fans.  He is expected to announce his decision sometime in early March and it seems as though Tennessee coaches have already made moves in anticipation of his arrival.   The Volunteer coaching staff recently announced the move of former tight-end Brandon Warren to wide receiver.  This move seems strange considering Warren was a standout tight-end at Florida State and one assumes he could do the same at Tennessee under the right system.  But, with Orson Charles expected to be a tight-end in college, could the Tennessee staff have another surprise up their sleeve.  One would think with the move of Warren to wide receiver, Charles could come right in and be an immediate contributor.  I see this coming down to Tennessee, Georgia, and USC, Vols fans keep your fingers crossed over the next couple of weeks.

The Bryce Brown saga continues as he will be visiting LSU and Miami over the next couple of weekends.  It’s looking as though LSU will get the final official visit and Brown will be visiting Miami, the school he committed to almost a year ago, as an unofficial visitor.  He has officially removed USC from his list, although it was USC who actually removed him first.  Miami was thought to have been eliminated once they were reported to have not renewed his scholarship offer, but that is not the case as Miami is still in the running, according to his mentor *cough agent* Brian Butler.  LSU could be a dark horse in this race as Brown’s brother, Arthur is considering transferring to LSU from Miami.  Brown is expected to announce his decision March 16th, and it looks like it will come down to Tennessee, Miami, Oregon, or LSU.

As for David Oku, the 4-star running back made yet another strange move in what has been a bizarre recruitment.  Half-way through his final sememster in high-school, Oku has transferred from his high school in Oklahoma to East High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Although rumors are swirling that Oku made the move because of a pregnant girlfriend he met while on his official visit to Nebraska, but Oku strongly denied these rumors.  One would think that with the move to Nebraska, that would make the Cornhuskers the favorite in his recruitment, but Nebraska doesn’t seem to be pushing too hard for Oku’s services.  Another turn in the Oku saga is the emergence of Ole Miss as a possible destination.  I still think Oku is waiting on the decision to come from Bryce Brown and I am sticking to my guns on this as I see Oku signing with Tennessee if Bryce Brown does not.  If Brown does sign with UT, look for Oku to head to either Auburn, Syracuse, or Ole Miss.



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