So Much for a Quarterback Competition

After last year’s debacle at the quarterback position, where we saw the keys to the Vols’ offense passed around like a game of hot potato only to see each QB do everything they could do hand the keys to someone else, we thought this year might be different.  A new head coach and a new staff brought a clean slate for each of these quarterbacks.

This spring was about determining who would lead the Volunteers under center in 2009.  It was a chance for the best man to win the job.

That was, until Nick Stephens came down with a fractured wrist.

Couldnt time it any better, could you, Nick?

Couldn't time it any better, could you, Nick?

Perfect timing, right?

It looks like Stephens will be out for the next three to four weeks, just long enough for him to be non-existent in the fight to be UT’s starting QB.  That leaves fifth-year senior Jonathan Crompton, one of the biggest busts in Tennessee football history, going up against sophomore B.J. Coleman, who was hand-picked as the next Peyton Manning by arguably the best quarterbacks coach in college football, David Cutcliffe.

My pick to who wins out the starting job?  Jonathan Crompton.

Who I’d like to see lead the Vols in 2009?  B.J. Coleman.

Coleman might not have the experience that Crompton has (by about 5 games), but he gives the Vols a future that Crompton can’t.  As a fifth-year senior, Crompton’s time is almost up.  Coleman can be the quarterback that Cutcliffe envisioned him to be.  All he needs is a little more grooming, which a summer of starting reps would give him.

In the end, though, the decision isn’t up to me.  It’s up to Lane Kiffin, and Jim Chaney, and David Reaves, not some blogger with too much time on his hands.  But I do hope I’m right, because another year with Crompton under center might just be too much.



~ by drewbd on 03.09.2009.

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