Bobbing for Oranges: Locker Room Material

The Gayters are already looking for motivation.

The Gayters are already looking for motivation.

Look what I pulled up out of the murky, brown water:

  • As seen above, some pictures were released of Florida’s updates locker room, and this picture just happened to slip into the album.  I thought Florida didn’t need motivation…. guess not.
  • After Alshon Jeffrey told ESPN’s Chris Low about Kiffin’s “gas pumping” comment, Kiffin has responded, saying that he never said anything of the sort.  But oh no, Kiffin doesn’t stop there.  He goes on to say that after the story broke, he called Jeffrey, and Jeffrey denied that he ever told Chris Low anything about Kiffin making a gas-pumping comment.  Now, you tell me… who’s lying?  Because I don’t have a damn clue.
  • Tennessee is looking all over its depth chart roster for potential offensive tackles.  Target Numero Uno: Cody Pope.
  • With Tennessee now set to face the Crimson Tide tomorrow in Tampa, Bruce Pearl is confident that the team’s attitude and their time off to prepare has the BasketVols ready to make an SEC tournament run.



~ by drewbd on 03.12.2009.

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