Bobbing for Oranges: Kiffin Set to Give Deposition


Mmmmm... nothing like spring break.

Mmmmm... nothing like spring break.


I’m currently on spring break, soaking up the sun and drinking way too much.  But I can’t just ignore the blog, so here’s a roundup of what’s been going on in the Tennessee world:

  • Coach Kiffin and Al Davis’ feud is back in the news, as our new head coach is set to give a deposition to Raiders’ attorneys in the ongoing case involving Kiffin’s grievance with the NFL over money he says he is still owed by Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.  
  • After being a witness to the worst reffed game I’ve ever seen (SEC Championship Game), I can’t bare to think about it again.  So, instead of writing about it, I’ll let you read what GhostofNeyland over at 3sib had to say.  He has a way with words that I’m not sure I’ll ever have.  And, he always seems to some of my feelings exactly.
  • And not that anyone in the Volunteer nation doesn’t know, but Bryce Brown is set to make his announcement on where he’ll play college ball in 2009 in less than 30 minutes.  Stay tuned for an update around 2 o’clock central time.

~ by drewbd on 03.16.2009.

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