When One Door Closes…

After a three and a half month hiatus, I return.

Wondering where I’ve been, eh?  Try a combination of the library, work, or my bed (in any order) and you’ve got your answer.  I try not to get personal with this blog, but I’m here to explain myself.

Being in college isn’t easy, and with trying to juggle a blog while finishing out my undergrad degree at none other than the University of Tennessee, something had to give.  Any ideas on what it was? …Bingo.

But I’m back, and better than ever.  As of today, I have myself a college degree, and that makes my opinion that much better (or so I like to think).  Hopefully, I can get back to my old ways of entertainment so I can bring the fans what they want most… Tennessee sports coupled with my opinion.

Mmmmmm… delicious.


~ by drewbd on 07.02.2009.

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