AD Squashes Black Jersey Rumor

Most of the Tennessee blogs have been spurring rumors this offseason regarding the UT football team and their jersey choices for this upcoming fall.  Numerous pictures have popped up, and one blog even had a create-your-own uniform contest. There’s no problem with this, as most true Tennessee fans have their hearts skip a beat at the mention of black jerseys, or even new jerseys in general.  For example, in my four years of undergrad at UT, I would wager to say that I heard we were bringing out black jerseys for a certain game probably ten to fifteen times.  But sadly, that day never came.

And unfortunately, Mike Hamilton, Tennessee’s athletic director, seems to have squashed the black jersey rumor today, meaning that day might never come.  Hamilton said he doesn’t expect black Tennessee jerseys “any time in the near or distant future.”  He goes on to back up this claim by stating that all major uniform changes have to go through him, and that uniforms are ordered at least a year in advance.   This means no new black jerseys courtesy of Kiffin & Co, at least not in 2009.

Keep dreaming Vol fans.  Maybe we’ll get them one day…


~ by drewbd on 07.07.2009.

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