Spurrier’s the Culprit

After all these years, a little respect.

After all these years, a little respect.

After years and years of despising Steve Spurrier, I found myself wash over with an ounce of delight when the Head Ball Coach admitted he’d left Tim Tebow off his pre-season All-SEC team.

Granted, Spurrier admits that he did it on accident, but do we all really believe this?  Most thought it was Lane Kiffin who’d left the quarterback off his ballot, but come on, this is token Spurrier.  Always prodding, pushing, and heckling the rest of the league.

Who knows, maybe it really was an honest mistake, but next time fill out your own bracket. But in all honesty, at least this stupid drama is over.

It’s obvious the SEC media have nothing better to write about.


~ by drewbd on 07.24.2009.

2 Responses to “Spurrier’s the Culprit”

  1. Spurrier was daydreaming about his glory days in the swamp when he owned the vols and the rest of the SEC.But dont worry Urban Meyer wont let off on ut either.5 in a row f##k your moral victory beotch!

  2. There need to be new rules set up regarding coaches moves; the timing and ethics. One coach leaves the week of his team’s bowl game (U of Cin)? Now Kiflin leaves right before recruiting season? Tennessee gave him a break! Their football program was hurt more than the $800k they received for letting him our of his contract.

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